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Chuck E. Cheese's

3146 Sports Arena Blvd., San Diego, CA 92110
Chuck E. Cheese's Mojo 3/ 5
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Level 8
Thursday, July 15, 2010
Great Experience Overall, But Less-Great Pizza
My wife, young daughter and I went to this Chuck E. Cheese one day last summer. And you know what? The whole experience was actually much more pleasant than I was braced for, in almost every way. But the weak link in the experience was the pizza itself.

My young daughter had seen "Chuck E. Cheese" advertised on TV and kept asking to go there. I wasn't that enthusiastic because when I first went to a Chuck E. Cheese over 25 years ago as a junior high schooler, I thought it was sort of lame.

But then one day there were these coupons in the newspaper for Chuck E. Cheese that seemed like an insanely good deal. So I bowed to the inevitable and off we went.

I was really pleasantly surprised by the entire experience, to be honest. When we first walked in, there was a very careful child safety system in place, complete with matching florescent stamps for parent and child. And the whole place was very clean. Even the games themselves had clearly been wiped down, which was nice, and the floors vacuumed. Everyone who worked there was really very nice as well, and always smiling.

I was also braced for the whole place to be really loud, a giant cacophony of ringing bells, electronic noises and kids screaming. But it wasn't like that it all. I don't know how they did it. But my wife and I never found the noise excessive, and never had to shout to be heard.

The only real disappointment was the pizza itself. By reputation, their pizza is not the best. And our experience was pretty consistent with that. It wasn't inedible. But we each had ate slice unenthusiastically and then didn't even bother to take the rest home.

I may have left hungry. But I had a much better experience there overall than I expected and I'll definitely go back. (Though I'll probably eat elsewhere.)
Price Range: $25 - $50
Recommended: Yes
Level 6
Wednesday, July 28, 2010
like dave & busters...but for kids
i used to lovvvvvve chuck e cheese's. i'm really just a big kid at heart....and my future wife will love me for my youthfulness that'll make her feel young....but annnnyway....whats the best way to spend my 21st birthday? clubbing? vegas? getting wasted? noooooo! CHUCK E CHEESES. no dress code. unlimited drinks. no cover before 11pm. ladies in free.

i brought my sister's god daughter, ariel, with me, so my group of friends woldn't look like weirdos all grown up and inside of a club chuck....but in retrospect, admitting this makes me feel like a weirdo. was good reliving memories of my childhood...and giving new memories to another....ariel seemed to really love the place, but was HORRIFIED by the costumed mouse for which the venue was named after. they had this neato green screen thing in front of the animitronics...and they still had the jurassic park adventure game wooooo....
Price Range: $5 - $10
Recommended: Yes
Level 5
Saturday, October 8, 2011
Chuck E. Cheese's Fun
My nephew absolutely adores Chuck E. Cheese. If you're not familiar with Chuck E. Cheese, you have to purchase tokens to play games for tickets. The tickets can be cashed in for various toys and goodies.

The pizza they offer tastes decent. Good ol' Chuck E. Cheese performs throughout the day for various birthday parties. The place is packed with screaming kids but they enjoy it and that's most important.
Price Range: $10 - $25
Recommended: Yes
Level 4
Friday, October 5, 2012
The kids love it
Who doesn't love Chuck E Cheese's? What a place where the kids can let it all hang out and have a blast. I love seeing the kids so happy playing having the time of their sweet life.
Price Range: $25 - $50
Recommended: Yes
Level 3
Friday, July 1, 2011
Kids love it
My son, nephews, nieces, grand kids love there.
Price Range: $10 - $25
Recommended: Yes
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Jan 01, 2015
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