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La Jolla, CA

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March 11, 2010

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Anywhere in Asia

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shoes and travel

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Too many to pick just one.

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Work hard, play hard

Katie D
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nice smile
in Del Mar, CA
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Voted for We Olive
Lime olive oil + Blackberry vinegar = Margarita flavor
...Which believe it or not, makes a killer salad dressing. There's an olive oil and vinegar tasting bar set up all throughout the day where experts can show you how to properly taste and mix flavors of olive oil. This is actually very interesting and I guarantee if you do this, you'll walk out with a purchase.

In the back they have a little patio with an awesome view where you can enjoy a glass of wine and a cheese/meat platter. The food is very good.

I go here also to buy gifts. I will say that it's not inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. They also have mustards and other spreads too. You can bring in bottles from home for them to fill with olive oil and vinegar, which is obviously very eco-friendly.
in La Jolla, CA
Level 13
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in La Jolla, CA
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Sent Emily A Well Written
How nice! I had the opposite experience with my wedding. :(
in La Jolla, CA
Level 13
Voted for Macy's
Bought bedding here
I didn't feel like shopping around and I needed a mattress pad and pillows for my daughter's bedroom. I bought some eco-friendly Martha Stewart products here that I'm happy with. It seems that bed and bath products are always on sale at Macy's. And the day I went in, they were on sale too. The only thing that bugged me was the sales guy tailing me throughout the section and trying to upsell me a few times.

The store hasn't had a facelift in the almost 20 years I've lived in San Diego/La Jolla. It needs it. Some of the sections look cluttered and tired. That being said, I can always score bargain in the kids section. They have a lot of Disney and other character clothes and pjs. I can usually find what I need in here, but it's just not the first place I go anymore.
in San Diego, CA
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